Ensuring High Quality At Every Step

At St-Raymond Veneers Inc., all products are proudly made to adhere to our high-quality standards. Every step of the process is closely monitored to assure that our customers consistently receive superior veneer products.

Our quality control program includes:

  • Inspection of all raw materials for quality standards
  • Regular measurements of humidity, thickness, sheet-size and squareness
  • Regular inspections for color imperfections, wrinkles, buckles or other defects
  • Regular quality review meetings with supervisors, employees, outside suppliers, distributors and customers

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Veneer?
Veneers are a highly efficient method of using a valuable forest resource. Composed of thin slices of natural wood, up to 1,000 slices can be taken from each meter of log. Usually joined into sheets, veneers are bonded to suitable substrates, such as MDF, particleboard, etc.

How Are Veneers Used?
Veneer panels provide a strong, stable, workable and easily finished construction material for all forms of cabinetry, furniture, paneling, fit-outs, door skins and more.

What Species Are Available?
We offer a variety of major species that include: Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Khaya, Cedar, Clear Pine, Hickory, White Oak, Knotty Pine and Walnut. Depending upon availability from our suppliers, we can also provide a variety of other species. We welcome your call for more information about availability.

What Types Of Slicing Methods Do You Offer?
From flat slicing and false-rift (quarter slicing) to rift-cut and half-round slicing, our advanced technology and expertise allows us to accommodate your specific needs.

What Types Of Veneer Matching Do You Provide?
The majority of our species are available in book match, book-balance match, cross-grain, slip match and plank match.

What Size Sheets Are Available?
We provide a broad range of sizes and while we are happy to customize your size preferences, the following are standard:

50” wide x 99” long
50” wide x 123” long
50” wide x 87” long
50” wide x 75” long
38” wide x 87” long
38” wide x 99” long