A Rich History Of Success

St-Raymond Veneers Inc. has a rich history of success in the lumber and veneer industry that dates back to 1983. After several factories closed in the early 80s in the city of Saint-Raymond in Canada, three citizens – Ghyslain Dion, Gaston Moisan and Robert Genois – united efforts to slice very high-quality sawn hardwood lumber using advanced technology. The venture became the first of its size in the St. Raymond Industrial Park, with new jobs, a new facility and output focused on slicing different species of wood for area companies in Quebec. Within a short time, the quality and reputation of the company grew, as well as opportunities for splicing sales to the United States. Operations were expanded, new equipment purchased and more jobs were created.

Throughout our history, the company capitalized on opportunities through mergers to increase capacity, expand our market share and enhance the level of service and products that we provide.  In 2003, St-Raymond Products Ltd. joined The PENROD Group and the name was changed to St-Raymond Veneers Inc. The PENROD Group operates offices in every major international region around the globe, with distribution centers on five continents. A diversified company in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, The PENROD Company, provides the world with the largest and finest selection of wood, metal and PVC products available. (More information is available at: www.thepenrodcompany.com.)

Throughout our distinguished history, St-Raymond Veneers Inc. has consistently focused its efforts on producing superior-quality products at competitive prices. We are poised for the future and have the capacity, and the desire, to serve our customers’ needs and satisfy their expectations.

Global Citizenship 

St-Raymond Veneers Inc. participates in the promotion of sustainable practices to conserve our natural resources. We view the concept of sustainable forestry as an essential element to our success as a company and as a responsible global citizen.